Wormholes and The General Theory of Relativity.

Ever wondered what the science would be around time travel and wormholes?

Well here’s a simple way to explain the curvature of space and time and a tunnel between two different parts of the universe we call a wormhole….

The legacy of the physics of space and time curvature was started by Albert Einstein through his General Theory of Relativity, which also gave birth to the principle of equivalence, but one of the most important outcomes of the General Relativity is the fact that the space and time fabric bend or curve around massive objects.
Well confusing isn’t it?

A simple way to understand this would be some energy present in the massive object curves the space and time fabric like a string from both ends, resulting in a reduced distance between two place far apart in the universe.

Now you may wonder what does wormholes have to do with this?
Well a wormhole also does a similar job of reducing distance between two far off place in the universe, but here’s the catch we cannot escape the tremendous gravity of a black hole or a wormhole, we don’t even know if we will escape alive from the wormhole through the other side.


Well apparently time travel through worm holes or portholes is still a thing of mystery to mankind as long as we don’t understand the true nature of space and time. Well I’d say the day is still far off when humans can time travel through wormholes.

Cheers…!! šŸ™‚


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