Philosophical foundations of Physics

Human body, the most complex machine on the earth. The human body has been a puzzle to many scientists as well as philosophers over the ages.  This topic is really not that simple, Development in this area is still in nascent stage as it requires fundamental research involving very complex calculations and extraordinary thought process.

The main components in human body that have startled scientists over time is the brain and the conscious of the human body or the energy that helps power up such complex systems in the body.

We begin with the brain, the brain controls all the major functions in the body, processes and stores information. Studies shows that our brain has amazing capacity of processing information which can be compared with millions supercomputers. Plus, the human beings on an average uses only about 2%-3% of their brain. The greatest minds that ever lived used like about 10%-12% of their brain.  Do you see why we truly don’t know the potential of our brain? Human race has progressed so much using so less of our brain, imagine what we can do by using more of it?
Where is the Physics involved in it ?  – The Physics here is that all the neural interactions in the brain are nothing but Quantum interactions.


Let’s look at the consciousness, It is one of the toughest concepts to pursue as no one really knows what exactly is consciousness. However, many scientists have published papers which stated that conscious can be expressed in terms of electromagnetic energy. The amazing part about this is that our mind consists of conscious and sub conscious part, now this sub conscious part is like a permanent memory stores each and everything, right from time you are born till the time you die, it works even while you’re asleep and when the conscious part is not in action.

The concept of soul is biologically discarded, but  Physics can explain it. It is nothing but the quantum of energy whose mass can be calculated by the use of special theory of relativity.  There has to be a strong connection between the sub conscious part of our mind and the soul or the energy that helps power up all the functions in the human body and in order to power all this up,  it will require a huge amount of energy. This energy could be coming from our soul, which can also be termed as a perpetual source of energy.

Weird as it sounds, this field can open up many new dimensions in science and may reveal new secrets of the human body and may help in answering certain puzzles such as “life after death”.

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