Music of the Universe

Do you think the universe is quiet and without any sound? Think again..!!

The concept of “Musica Universalis” is a philosophical or a metaphysical concept that regards movements of celestial bodies as form of music. Surprised?

Of course we cannot hear them with bare ears but they are basically gamma rays of certain frequencies traveling through space which can converted into musical notes, gamma rays are comprised of photons (elementary particles) which have there own energy and frequency. The higher the energy, the higher the frequency. By measuring their frequency, we can convert rays into musical notes. Gamma ray bursts are some of the most powerful explosions in the universe. The FERMI LARGE AREA TELESCOPE (LAT), detected 100s of gamma rays from an extremely  distant explosion this data can be then converted into musical tones.

Sounds interesting right? The case might even be that we and other material objects might just be a musical frequency vibrating in the universe, or the whole of universe is just a musical thought of some greater reality (power).

As far as we know there is still so much we don’t know, which can be known only when our eyes open up to this greater reality. Let’s conclude by the words of many great philosophers. It might be very interesting to know the actual sounds of the universe, we might even open the gates to something entirely different in the universe.

Cheers…!!! 🙂




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